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What Happens the First Time You Log Into Boxstorm | Boxstorm

If you haven’t created a free Boxstorm account yet, here’s a taste of what awaits you. The first time you log into your Boxstorm account, you are greeted by a helpful tutorial that shows you how to add your first item. You’ll take the following steps during this process:

1. Click the Let’s Get Started button to begin the tutorial.

2. Click the New button on the top right to create a new item.

3. Enter a name for the item.

4. Add other information, such as its price, description, SKU, URL, and UPC, and then click Save.

5. Click the Inventory icon to the right of the item.

6. In the popup window, click the plus sign to update the item’s quantity on hand.

7. Change the location, quantity, and unit cost. You’ll be able to add new locations and units of measure later, so don’t worry if the ones you want to choose aren’t yet available.

8. Click Save and then close the Inventory window.

9. Click the three vertical dots at the top of the interface to import and export batches of items via CSV file to save time.

At the end of the tutorial, it gives you a number of options to keep progressing with the solution:

  • Download the Boxstorm app to scan items in and out and take pictures.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online.
  • Add multiple locations and sub-locations within them.
  • Watch training videos and read written documentation in the Boxstorm Help Center.

And that’s what happens the first time you log into Boxstorm. It helps you get familiar with the solution by diving right in. Sign up for an account with Boxstorm Forever Free today to see for yourself!

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