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Free Inventory Software: What’s the Catch? | Boxstorm

There’s an online inventory management solution called Boxstorm Forever Free. It doesn’t cost anything. When you set up an account with it, you will never be charged anything for using it. It doesn’t even have any ads. You get up to five users, and you gain the ability to create items, scan barcodes, adjust inventory quantities, move items, perform cycle counts, create units of measure, add locations, integrate with QuickBooks Online, and more.

What’s the Catch?

This all sounds great, but what’s the catch? Isn’t this a little too good to be true? The fact is that there is no catch and all of this is both good and true. After you sign up with Boxstorm Forever Free, you will have access to many features to help you manage your inventory more efficiently, and you will never be asked for a credit card number or any other payment information as long as you have a Boxstorm account.

You have the opportunity to upgrade to other versions of Boxstorm if you want additional features, such as buying, selling, and customization. Here we go, you might be thinking, this is the catch I was waiting for! Not quite. Let’s explain.

Catching Up

Not every company needs advanced inventory management tools. Startups and other small businesses often just need the basics. There’s no need for them to try to catch up with much larger companies in this area of operations. Boxstorm Forever Free is a great way for them to get started managing their inventory online without having to learn a complex system or spend a lot of money. It’s intuitive and free!

Only companies that need additional features will pay for them. As long as your feature requirements are small, you will never have to pay anything for Boxstorm Forever Free. If the time comes that you want to use purchase orders, sales orders, taxes, automatic reorder points, stock alerts, user permissions, and other advanced functionality, you have that option open to you.

Quite a Catch

Boxstorm Forever Free is quite a catch. It comes with no price tag attached to it, and you can keep using it forever while always having the option to upgrade. That way, you can keep using the online inventory management solution you’re already familiar with while also making it even more useful to your business. No time-consuming learning process or system downtime. For this reason, Boxstorm is really starting to catch on.

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