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10 Reasons to Use Boxstorm | Fishbowl

Boxstorm is an online inventory management solution that helps small and medium-size businesses manage their inventory at absolutely no cost. Scan barcodes, integrate with QuickBooks Online, and do much more on your smartphone or tablet with Boxstorm Forever Free.

Need more reasons to use Boxstorm? Here are 10.

1. It’s Free – Forever

It’s called Boxstorm Forever Free for a good reason. You will never be charged any money for using it through the years. And you get five users in the bargain. That’s quite a deal!

2. It Offers Many Free Features

Barcode scanning, importing and exporting data, adding and removing inventory, cycle counting, units of measure, multiple locations, and QuickBooks Online integration are just a few of the features you will find in Boxstorm Forever Free. And did we mention they don’t cost a thing?

3. It’s Easy to Use

Boxstorm offers a quick tutorial when you first log in, which helps you get acquainted with the interface. Boxstorm is easy to learn and use in your daily work. You can check out many training videos if you’re wondering how to use specific features in the solution.

4. It Replaces Manual Processes

You never again have to rely on a notepad or Excel spreadsheet to manage your inventory when you have access to a free inventory management solution like Boxstorm. It does everything you have been doing manually, only faster, safer, and more intuitively.

5. You Can Use It to Scan Barcodes

Once you have a free account with Boxstorm, you can download the iOS or Android app at no additional cost. That will let you turn your mobile device into a barcode scanner. As long as your phone’s camera is up to snuff, you can use it to scan items in and out.

6. It Integrates with QuickBooks Online

Boxstorm Forever Free is the first free cloud-based inventory management solution to integrate with QuickBooks Online. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this integration, and it helps you keep your inventory and accounting records in sync.

7. It Keeps Adding New Features and Integrations

Boxstorm keeps adding new features and integrations. And since it is hosted and accessible online, you don’t have to download anything. When you log in after a release, you simply gain access to the new features with no effort on your part.

8. You Can Bring Your Own Hardware

Boxstorm has hardware options to ensure you’re able to scan barcodes and keep your devices functioning in an industrial environment. But if you prefer, you can just access Boxstorm on the smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device that you already own.

9. It Gives You Four Options

In addition to Boxstorm Forever Free, you can get three other versions of the online inventory management solution. Boxstorm Basic adds sales orders, customers, expiration dates, and taxes. Boxstorm Premium adds purchase orders, vendors, payments, and lot number tracking. Boxstorm Ultimate adds stock alerts, auto ordering, user permissions, API access, and integrations with Stripe, Shippo, and Shopify.

10. It’s Supported by Fishbowl

Fishbowl has been the #1 selling manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks for more than a decade. So it’s an ideal choice to make and support Boxstorm. You can trust that Boxstorm is a great product because it comes from a solid foundation.

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