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Boxstorm: cloud-based inventory management from Fishbowl

It's official: Boxstorm is now Fishbowl Drive

Learn More about Boxstorm | Fishbowl

Boxstorm: Cloud-based inventory management from Fishbowl


Boxstorm is an online inventory management solution that was created by the makers of the #1 desktop inventory solution for QuickBooks users — Fishbowl. Fishbowl is the best software of its kind for SMBs in need of advanced inventory control features, so you can bet they knew what they were doing when they put Boxstorm together. Boxstorm is becoming the most robust online inventory solution on the market!

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Manage your inventory from the cloud

Boxstorm runs on any device and allows you and your employees to manage your inventory wherever you may be. Securely manage sales orders, purchasing, receiving, and picking anytime from anywhere.

Multiple Locations and Sub-Locations

Easily track your inventory across multiple warehouses and other locations. Sub-locations allow you to pinpoint items down to the aisle and bin. Optimize your shipping and receiving operations by assigning items their own default locations. Boxstorm can also handle custom locations.

Sales Orders

The Sales module allows you to manage customers and sales orders. Workflow options allow you to move sales orders from bid/quote status to accepted and fulfilled. Assign per-customer elements, such as tax rates and discounts. Sales order line items include sale, misc. sale, misc. credits, notes, and per-line discounts, allowing for ultimate sales flexibility.

Inventory Tracking

With Boxstorm’s Inventory Tracking features, you can assign customized tracking values to the quantities of each item in your inventory. This can be done by either typing or scanning them into the system. The two main forms of inventory tracking are text-based (e.g., lot number and revision number) and date-based (e.g., expiration date and best-by date).


You can set up automatic minimum, maximum, and alert-level reorder points on a per-location basis for each inventory item’s quantity. You can also create SMS and email notifications for alert and minimum levels (limit 1 phone number and 3 email addresses). Use the Auto Order Wizard for purchasing. Simply select a base location, and Boxstorm will automatically generate a PO for any quantity that falls below the reorder point at that location.

Multiple Users

Easily manage your employees’ access to Boxstorm’s modules and features. Restrict users to certain roles and access rights within the system. For example, salespeople can access sales components while warehouse employees can access receiving features.

Full Activity Auditing

Do you operate in a highly regulated industry? Boxstorm lets you complete auditing of all your operations within the system, from the top down to the user level. Boxstorm’s audit features fulfill all your auditing requirements so you remain in compliance with all government mandates.

Multiple Units of Measure

Boxstorm can use whatever unit of measure you desire when buying and selling parts and products. For example, if you purchase products by the pallet, store them by the case, and sell them individually. Boxstorm can make sure they are all recorded properly so your inventory counts don’t get out of whack.

Item Cost Tracking

Boxstorm tracks item costs at every step of the inventory management process. As you purchase, sell, and move your inventory, Boxstorm will track the value of that inventory so you always know the total value of your on-hand assets.

Import/Export Data

Getting data into and out of Boxstorm is a snap. You name it: cycle counts, customers, vendors, items, locations, audit trails, etc. Boxstorm can import and export it all via CSV files.


Accept payments via customers’ debit and credit cards, cash, and/or checks in Boxstorm’s Sales Order module. In addition, you can integrate Boxstorm with Stripe to save customers’ card information with QuickBooks Online to record each transaction in your financial records.

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