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How to Add Items in Boxstorm | Boxstorm

When you initially log into Boxstorm®, the first thing you will want to do is to add items to your inventory. After all, having stuff to track is kind of the main point of having an online inventory management solution. There are two ways to do this:

1. One at a time

2. Many at the same time

We will discuss both ways of adding items, and then you can choose which one you like best.

One at a Time

Manually entering items one at a time could be good for companies that don’t have a lot of items or that want to be really precise when adding them. In Boxstorm, you will click the Items button on the left to open that module, and then click the New button on the top right. This will open a window that allows you to manually enter an item’s name, description, unit of measure, SKU, URL, UPC if you use barcodes, price, and default vendor.

In addition, you can categorize items with tags, set up UOM conversion rates, and customize tracking criteria. Set up certain aspects of the accounting integration, assign items to specific locations, create reorder points by location to tell you when it’s time to order more, and upload images that you can use on pick tickets and other parts of Boxstorm.

Many at the Same Time

Automatically entering many items at the same time can be quite helpful if a manual process would take too much time and effort. You can quickly import a whole slew of products in the Items module by clicking on the three vertical dots on the left of the Scan Inventory button and clicking the very first option in the dropdown menu that pops up, marked: “Item: Import.” Just download a sample CSV file and you will be able to put your items into the right format to import them without a hitch.

The Choice

Which one will work best for you? Or would you prefer to choose one for some items and the other for different items? Whatever you decide, you will have the tools you need to add items with the help of Boxstorm!

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