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How to Change Inventory Quantities in Boxstorm | Fishbowl

Once you have added items to Boxstorm®, you will notice that their quantities are all set at zero. There are two places you can go to add to those quantities:

  • Items module
  • Purchasing module

Let’s explore each of these modules to discover how to update quantities in both of them.

Items Module

The easiest way to add inventory in Boxstorm is to simply click the little bar graph-looking button on the right of an item and then click the plus sign inside a circle. Select a location to add the inventory to, add a quantity, and assign a unit cost to it. Click Finish and voila, the quantity is updated to whatever number you specified.

Purchasing Module

In the Purchasing module, click on Purchase Orders and then click New on the top right to create a new PO. Select a vendor, payment terms, location, and the item or items you’re ordering. Once the PO is fulfilled, your inventory quantity for the appropriate items in it will be updated.

Additional Options

If you have a reorder point set for an item, you can go into the Reports section and scroll down to the Reorder report. That generates a list of items by location that have reached their Alert level and need to be reordered. It shows the item’s image and what quantity you should order from the default vendor. You can print this report out or email it and use to create purchase orders.

To speed up this process even more, you can click the Auto Order button on the top right of the Purchase Orders module to instantly generate POs for every item that you would find in the Reorder report. It just saves a step and creates the POs for you. You can even change the quantities and vendors, if you like.

When an order comes in, you can return to the Purchase Orders module and open up the appropriate PO. Click the Fulfill button and enter the quantity received. You can do a partial fulfillment or a complete one and they will be added to your stock.

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