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Watch This Video About Boxstorm | Boxstorm


As you may have heard if you’ve been following the Boxstorm Blog, Boxstorm® is an online inventory management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online and allows SMBs to perform a variety of inventory tasks on virtually any mobile device.

Want to know more? Check out the video above, which will explore a number of Boxstorm’s features in just over a minute. Here’s a taste of what you will see in the video:

  • Accessibility: Boxstorm is accessible on just about any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer with nothing to download.
  • Adding Items: Items can be created and then changed with a few clicks.
  • Order Management: Sales order and purchase orders can be created and managed to facilitate the order management process.
  • Auto Reorder Points: Eliminate stockouts by setting up auto reorder points on all of your products to see when they are getting low.
  • Order Status: Check the status of orders and change quotes into orders in moments.
  • Discounts: Set up discounts that can be applied to certain products or customers.
  • Audits: You can audit transactions and items in every module to make sure everything goes as planned.
  • Unit of Measure: Unit of measure conversions are a snap to set up in Boxstorm.
  • Item Costs: View the costs of all of your items to help with setting prices.
  • CSV Files: CSV files containing information about suppliers, items, customers, etc. can be imported and exported in Boxstorm.

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