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Boxstorm Help Article: Items | Boxstorm

Adding items is one of the first things that new Boxstorm users usually want to do when they initially log into the solution.

The Items Help Article goes into detail on the Items module and all of the aspects of adding and modifying items in your inventory. When adding a new item, you can include Item Info, Details, Locations, Reorder Points, and Images on them.

The Item Info allows you to:

  • Type information about its name, description, unit of measure, SKU number, URL, and UPC.
  • Choose the information that will appear on sales orders when the item is added to them.
  • Set up a default vendor for each item.

The Details you can add include:

  • Notes and tags to help you organize items.
  • Unit of measure conversions.
  • Tracking fields.

Locations help you to set up default locations where you expect an item to be stored.

Reorder Points allow you to set up minimum, maximum, and alert levels while also adding your contact information so you will be alerted after items reach those levels.

You can add a single Image or multiple Images so it’s clear to anyone in the module what item is being referred to.

There’s plenty of other information in this Help Article, so we recommend you check it out if you have any questions about the Items module. It’s a great resource.

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