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Boxstorm Help Article: Locations | Boxstorm

The Locations Help Article is focused on the Locations module in Boxstorm. It goes through how to set up locations, import and export them, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You can nest locations within parent locations, such as a bin on a shelf or an aisle of a warehouse. There are myriad possibilities.
  • Parent locations must be created first before you can nest any locations within them.
  • Create locations one by one or add many of them at the same time via CSV file. A sample spreadsheet is available to help you organize the data.
  • Export filtered location data or all of your locations into a CSV file, which you can use elsewhere.
  • Rename locations to any name you like.
  • Search, filter, edit, and do other things to find and manipulate existing locations.

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