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What to Do If You Run Out of Products to Sell | Fishbowl

It is potentially disastrous when you accidentally sell a product you don’t have in stock. The clock is ticking. A customer is waiting to receive what they were promised. What do you do? These three things.

1. Don’t Panic

Take a page out of Douglas Adams’ book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and don’t panic. Take emotion out of the equation and get down to business by taking action. It helps if you already have a plan in place, but we’ll get to that next.

2. Arrange for Drop Shipping

If you don’t already have a drop-shipping relationship with a vendor, log into Amazon or any other e-commerce account you prefer, and order the item your customer purchased from you and have it delivered to them. This will put a bandage on the wound and make sure you maintain the relationship with that customer, but you will need to put a more sustainable plan in place to avoid future headaches. Talk to your vendors and see if you can strike a deal to have them deliver goods for you in the even that you run out. This may not be the most profitable way of doing business, but it’s a good fail-safe.

3. Get Boxstorm Forever Free

Make sure this never happens again (or at least has a very small chance of happening) by signing up for an account with Boxstorm Forever Free. You will never pay a penny to use this online inventory management solution, and you can use it to keep track of your inventory levels in one or more locations. It integrates with QuickBooks Online to synchronize your accounting and inventory records. There are also paid versions of Boxstorm, one of which allows you to set up stock alerts that tell you when to order more of a certain item. The system comes to you rather than you having to go into the warehouse to do physical counts.

So there you go. If you ever run out of products, follow these three steps to solve the problem and avoid it ever after. Of course, you don’t even have to wait for an emergency to start making these changes. Click the link above to get your very own free account with Boxstorm!

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