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The Solution to QuickBooks ProAdvisors' Worries | Fishbowl

If you’re a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and you’re worried about a possible QuickBooks bookkeeping service luring your clients away and wrecking your current business model, you’ll be happy to learn that Boxstorm has a solution to this problem.

Boxstorm is an online inventory management solution that comes in four versions. Boxstorm Forever Free costs nothing, and it can be used to manage inventory in multiple locations and units of measure. It also integrates with QuickBooks Online, so it’s a great fit for people who are already using that for their accounting.

What does any of this have to do with you? As a ProAdvisor, you can offer Boxstorm Forever Free to your clients as a simple, easy-to-use inventory management system that is accessible on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer free of charge. So you’re not just a bookkeeper and guide who can help them with their accounting software, but you’re also able to help them in other areas of their business.

You’re diversifying rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket. It’s possible to turn this development into something beneficial by using it as a powerful motivation to offer new services to your clients. Don’t rely on just being good at your current job when you could be replaced by a new service from Intuit.

Start selling Boxstorm to your clients. Even if they sign up for Boxstorm Forever Free at first, they may find over time that they want to move on to one of the paid versions of it. And you’ll be right there with them to help them make the transition and learn how to use Boxstorm’s advanced features, such as kitting, purchase orders, sales orders, stock alerts, vendors, taxes, and user permissions.

Contact Boxstorm today to find out how you can become a referrer and earn a commission on every referral that turns into a sale. We’d love to work with you!

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