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Boxstorm Help Article: Sales Reps | Boxstorm

Sales representatives need a way to check inventory quantities and generate sales orders in the field, and Boxstorm helps them do just that. Each sales rep needs to be a part of Boxstorm to allow that to happen and also to make sure their changes to the system are properly tracked.

This Sales Reps Help Article helps you learn how to do that. It is made up of five sections:

  • Create: Discover where to find the Sales Reps module and how to create a new sales rep.
  • Search: Look through your list of sales reps to find the one you’re looking for.
  • Filter: Perform advanced searches and save them for later use, as well.
  • Edit: Modify information about sales reps and then save.
  • Audit: View, customize, print, and export data on sales reps.

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