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Boxstorm Help Article: Purchase Orders | Boxstorm

You can use the Purchase Order module in Boxstorm to order parts and products from your vendors. You can also use it to scan items’ barcodes.

Here are the sections contained in the Purchase Orders Help Article:

  • Create: Generate new purchase orders manually or with the help of an Auto Order button.
  • Fulfill: This explains how to fulfill purchase orders.
  • Print: Print out Purchase Order reports and receiving tickets in this module.
  • Details: Write and view notes and review other information on purchase orders.
  • Search: Find a specific purchase order by typing a search query.
  • Filter: This is a more advanced type of search that can be saved, reused, and modified at will.
  • History: See a purchase order’s creation date and the dates and times of all updates made to it since then.

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