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Boxstorm's Auto-Order Feature | Boxstorm

Make the reordering process quick and painless by using Boxstorm’s Auto Order feature! Simply open the Purchase orders module under the Purchasing Module Group and then click the green Auto Order button on the top right corner of the interface. A popup window will appear and ask you to pick a location to retrieve information about.

Once you choose one and click Next, you will see a list of all of the items at that location that have fallen below their reorder points. It will show you the item name, quantity on hand, on PO, on SO, minimum, maximum, unit of measure, default vendor, quantity to order, and vendor on order. You can adjust the information you see on this screen by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the popup. This is the place to select a different quantity to order and/or vendor to order from, if you like.

Click Next and you’ll be taken to a summary of the purchase order(s) you’re about to create. If everything looks accurate, click the Finish button and the results will instantly appear in the Purchase Orders module. Isn’t this an easy way to create purchase orders? Feel free to try it the next time you’re using Boxstorm Premium or Boxstorm Ultimate, which both contain purchasing features.

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