Fishbowl’s Boxstorm Ultimate receives Shopify and Shippo Integration | BoxstormBoxstorm
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Fishbowl’s Boxstorm Ultimate receives Shopify and Shippo Integration | Boxstorm

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Fishbowl’s Boxstorm Ultimate receives Shopify and Shippo Integration

Provides additional automation features for growing businesses

OREM, Utah, Oct. 17, 2018Fishbowl® announced new Shopify shopping cart and Shippo shipping integration in its Boxstorm® Ultimate™ online inventory management solution available to customers this Friday at no additional price.

Boxstorm Ultimate is an online inventory management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online and provides growing companies with advanced automation to help run their businesses.

“These integrations enhance the ability of Boxstorm Ultimate to provide additional functionality for our customers’ inventory management processes,” said Brandon Phillips, Boxstorm marketing director. “It’s all about saving time and costs by automating and eliminating many of the time-consuming manual activities businesses use currently.”

With Shopify integrated within Boxstorm Ultimate, businesses can receive orders on their website that are then automatically entered into Boxstorm and inventory updated. This helps eliminate human error related to manual and repeated order entry and inventory tracking.

Shippo provides online shipping integration within Boxstorm Ultimate to prepare shipping labels for a number of different carriers and automatically includes shipping cost and tracking numbers within Boxstorm.

Since Boxstorm Ultimate is already integrated with QuickBooks Online, the Shopify and Shippo integration helps ease billing and accounting processes.

The Shopify and Shippo integration within Boxstorm Ultimate increases automation functionality as businesses grow and streamline their operations. Boxstorm Ultimate also includes a previous integration of Stripe – to provide payment processing automation. All integrations become automatically available online to Boxstorm Ultimate customers and users:

  • Shopify – Adds shopping cart integration to the Boxstorm Ultimate inventory management system and is integrated with QuickBooks Online. Shopify is an e-commerce selling platform.
  • Shippo – Shippo was recently integrated within Boxstorm Ultimate and provides integration for shipping labels from a number of different carriers including UPS, USPS and FedEx, and automatic importing of shipping costs and tracking numbers into Boxstorm, which can then go to QuickBooks Online integrated with Boxstorm. Shippo is the #1 cloud-based shipping software.
  • Stripe – Already available within Boxstorm Ultimate, Stripe provides payment processing automation. Stripe allows businesses to receive payments over the Internet and integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Boxstorm – a Fishbowl solution – includes four online inventory management versions to best suit the growing needs of business owners. Beginning with Boxstorm Forever Free, each version is progressively more advanced to provide a gradual upgrade path to further automate business processes for greater efficiency, all at a pace and cost ideally suited for their individual growth and financial situations:

  • Boxstorm® Forever Free™ – the first free online inventory management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online to help small to medium size business automate their inventory management and eliminate manual processes. It is always free with no limitations for up to five users.
  • Boxstorm® Basic™ – adds sales process automation.
  • Boxstorm® Premium™ – extends Boxstorm’s automation with the addition of purchasing and payment capabilities.
Boxstorm® Ultimate™ – continues to expand functionality with advanced automation to help run the entire business.

Boxstorm Forever Free and Boxstorm Ultimate along with Boxstorm’s other versions are available immediately, at

About Fishbowl and Boxstorm

Boxstorm Forever Free – a Fishbowl Solution – offers the first free online inventory management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online for small to medium businesses. Boxstorm Forever Free helps eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets for inventory management. Boxstorm also comes in other more advanced versions as needed to continue automating processes for a business. Based in Orem, Utah, Fishbowl is the No. 1 requested desktop manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks, and it is also a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets.