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Boxstorm: cloud-based inventory management from Fishbowl

It's official: Boxstorm is now Fishbowl Drive

How Boxstorm Works | Boxstorm

Boxstorm has both a web version, and mobile app. It’s just like logging into your email account – except you’re taking inventory. The computer and phone both connect into a central database in the cloud where your information is stored. Anything you do with one, immediately updates the other. You take inventory directly from your phone by tapping or by scanning. Any changes immediately update all other devices since they are logged into one database. The computer version contains 100% of all features, while the mobile app is scaled back to make it user friendly.

Features inside Boxstorm


  • Sales Orders Quotes & Invoices
  • Stripe payment processing
  • Pick tickets
  • Sales Reps
  • Customer profiles
  • Show qty available & picture when creating order
  • Credit returns
  • Shipping
  • Shipping labels (Shippo integration)
  • Instant orders from BigCommerce


  • Purchase Orders
  • Automated purchasing for items below minimum qty
  • Receiving ticket
  • Vendor profiles
  • Preferred Vendor for specific items


  • Min/Max levels
  • Text stock alerts
  • Email stock alerts
  • Move/transfer
  • Add or subtract qty
  • Cycle Counting
  • View qty for item in multiple locations
  • Assign permanent locations for items
  • Pictures for items (up to 5)
  • Custom tracking (lot, expiration, serial – up to 5)
  • Categories – used for item lists and reporting
  • Item movement report
  • Customizable Units of Measure (purchase by case, sell by each)


  • Multiple Locations
  • Nested locations for row/shelf/bin detail
  • Truck/Van or Person Locations
  • Item transfer between locations
  • Locations specified on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
  • Users assigned to locations
  • Inventory shown by location on reports
  • Value of inventory per location


  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Integrates into central database
  • Updates in real time
  • Can use app with or without barcodes
  • Use existing barcodes, or print barcodes from Boxstorm
  • Scan in, Scan out
  • Move/Transfer
  • Cycle Counting
  • Scan items & apply action to entire list (ie move all items to new location, subtract all items etc)
  • Sales Orders & Quotes
  • Taking payment for orders
  • Works for service orders by adding items that were used to sales order
  • Create new items including pictures
  • Visibility into location of items
  • Easy to use


  • QuickBooks Online
  • BigCommerce
  • Stripe
  • Shippo
  • API available for custom integrations