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Excel Inventory Template | Boxstorm

Boxstorm’s Excel Inventory Template

Organize your inventory items quickly and easily with a free spreadsheet from Boxstorm.
Boxstorm offers this Excel template to help you get started with managing your inventory. It is not easy to go from no organization to a complex inventory management system. That is why Boxstorm offers this helpful inventory template to ensure you have what you need to get organized. When you fill out the form and open the Excel spreadsheet, you will find it auto-populated with the following column headers:
  • Reorder (auto-fill): If you get to the minimum inventory quantity for an item, this will tell you that it is time to reorder it. If you have plenty in stock, it will remain at the default of ‘OK’.
  • Item Number: A useful identification number you can attach to each part to keep everything distinct and easily identifiable when counting and reordering inventory.
  • Name: In addition to the item number, the item name more clearly tells you what the item is, such as a garden hose or a food ingredient.
  • Manufacturer: The company you obtain a part from is known as the manufacturer, vendor, or supplier. Naming them here helps you know who to contact when reordering.
  • Description: Going into even more depth than the name or item number, the description tells you about the part’s physical characteristics.
  • Cost per Item: This calculates the exact amount of money you paid to the manufacturer for a single part.
  • Stock Quantity: The total number of units of a part that you currently have in stock.
  • Inventory Value: This simply multiplies the stock quantity by the cost per item to arrive at the total value of the parts you have in your inventory.
  • Reorder Level: The minimum quantity of a product that must be on hand. When the stock quantity gets below this level, it updates the Reorder column to let you know it’s time to order more.
  • Days per Reorder: The lead time for new orders. This is how much time you should expect it to take to receive new items after they have been ordered.
  • Item Reorder Quantity: Once an item’s stock quantity reaches the reorder level, this is the total number of new items that should be reordered.
  • Item Discontinued: If an item is no longer available through the manufacturer or for some other reason, mark this column “Yes” and the entire row will be greyed out.
You will find these categories quite helpful as you put items into the rows and fill in the information about them. They are all pretty self-explanatory. Go ahead and fill in the various quantities, days, costs, and names required, and then the other fields will automatically populate with the right information based on what you have added.

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