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Which Boxstorm Version Is Right for You? | Boxstorm

There are four versions of Boxstorm’s online inventory management software:

  • Boxstorm Forever Free
  • Boxstorm Basic
  • Boxstorm Premium
  • Boxstorm Ultimate

Each of these solutions has its own unique feature set, which is designed to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses and individuals. Let’s see which Boxstorm version is right for you by describing examples that would be an ideal fit for each one.

Boxstorm Forever Free

  • QuickBooks Online users that want to integrate with an inventory management solution
  • Small businesses that have fairly simple inventory management requirements
  • Homeowners looking to catalog their belongings for insurance purposes

Boxstorm Basic

  • QuickBooks Online users
  • Businesses that want to be able to create sales orders and sales reports
  • Businesses that want to add default locations, sales representatives, and customers to their inventory management system

Boxstorm Premium

  • QuickBooks Online users
  • Businesses that want to be able to create purchase orders and purchasing reports
  • Businesses that want to accept payments, mange vendors, convert units of measure, and track items by their lot number, batch number, and expiration date

Boxstorm Ultimate

  • QuickBooks Online users
  • Stripe users
  • Shopify users
  • Shippo users
  • BigCommerce users
  • Tech-savvy companies that want API access
  • Businesses that want to have email, phone, and live-chat support options
  • Businesses looking to add stock alerts, auto ordering, default vendors, kits, and user permissions to their inventory management system

A Great Fit

If you find yourself in one or more of these categories, feel free to sign up for a free Boxstorm account and either stick with Boxstorm Forever Free or switch to one of the other versions. Whichever one works best for you.

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