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QuickBooks Online Integration


Every version of Boxstorm integrates with QuickBooks Online. This video shows you where to go in Boxstorm to integrate with QuickBooks Online and the steps you need to take to connect the two cloud-based solutions together. We should mention that things have changed a bit since this video was made. Now there’s an Integrations module in the main menu on the left side of the interface, so you don’t have to go into Settings to find it.

If you’re already logged into your QuickBooks account, you will simply be asked to authorize the integration. If not, you can just log in and then move forward from there. Account mapping comes next. Tell QuickBooks which fields in Boxstorm you want to associate with ones in the accounting solution. Sometimes the same things go by different names in each solution, so that’s why this step is necessary.

This video goes into much more detail on this integration. You’ll be glad you watched it.

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