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How to Create Reorder Points in Boxstorm | Fishbowl

Let’s focus on reorder points for a moment. We are going to explain how to create reorder points in Boxstorm® and also why they are so important. You will find that they are quite useful when it comes to managing your inventory.

Creating Reorder Points

To add a reorder point to an item, click on it in Boxstorm and then click the Reorder Points button at the top. Click the plus sign on the top right and another window will pop up.

Select a location and then set the minimum and maximum numbers you want to have on hand, as well as the Alert level. This is the point at which you will be informed via text or email that it’s time to reorder that item. Speaking of which, you’ll want to add a phone number and/or email to send those messages to. Then save it, and you’re good to go.

Why Use Reorder Points

Why are reorder points important? They allow you to stay on top of your inventory. You don’t have to constantly be worried that you are missing something and perform all sorts of physical inventory checks on a daily basis to ensure everything is in stock. Reorder points eliminate those worries. Once they are set up, you don’t have to go looking for items to reorder; they will come to you. When an item gets low, it will clue you into the fact that it is the right time to order more of it.

Reorder points reduce the risk of running out of essential items and suffering unnecessary shortages. They save time and make sure your inventory quantities remain at healthy levels. As you sell a wider variety of items, you will discover the many advantages of adding reorder points to each one of them.

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