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Get Boxstorm's Product Info Sheet | Boxstorm

There are a lot of features and other bits and pieces that go into Boxstorm. To get a good grasp of the ins and outs of Boxstorm, you can check out the Boxstorm product info sheet.

Go to the Learn More page and click on the image on the right helpfully marked “Download the Boxstorm Product Info Sheet.” That will download a PDF of the one-page document to your device and then you can open it.

You’ll find a great deal of information swiftly summed up in the product info sheet. It describes a number of features found in the cloud-based inventory management solution, including:


  • All modules have an audit feature


  • Add inventory
  • Move inventory
  • Remove inventory
  • Cycle count
  • Calculate total cost
  • Calculate average cost of inventory


  • Track items by SKU, UPC, and URL
  • View images of items
  • Add notes


  • Create nested locations that can go as deep as you like


  • Manage discounts
  • Print receiving tickets
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Monitor vendors


  • Create inventory reports
  • Create purchase order reports


  • Add and manage customers
  • Set up discounts
  • Print pick tickets
  • Create sales orders
  • Manage taxes


  • Users can change the names of items, location groups, and locations

Unit of Measure

  • Set a default unit of measure
  • Convert each unit of measure into another


  • Assign administrator status to multiple users, if you like

Check out the Boxstorm product info sheet to learn all about Boxstorm’s growing number of features that can help your business in many ways!

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