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Boxstorm Receives 2 Inventory Management Awards | Fishbowl

FinancesOnline is a platform that reviews hundreds of software solutions, including the top inventory management software. They just published an in-depth review of Boxstorm, and, as a result of that analysis, they awarded Boxstorm the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award for 2018! It’s an honor to have all of Boxstorm’s hard work and ingenuity acknowledged by a third party.

Check out our detailed Boxstorm overview on FinancesOnline, which includes the following sections that talk about different aspects of the online inventory management solution:

  • What is Boxstorm?
  • Boxstorm benefits
  • Overview of Boxstorm features
  • How it can help
  • Awards and quality certificates
  • Boxstorm pricing
  • User satisfaction
  • Video
  • Technical details
  • Support details

If you are a happy Boxstorm customer, and you would like to let others know what a great product it is, please take a minute to add a review to that review page. And click here if you would like to sign up for a free account with Boxstorm, one of the top inventory management alternatives on the market, according to FinancesOnline. You will never be asked for your credit card information to gain access to Boxstorm Forever Free, the first free management inventory app to integrate with QuickBooks Online.

About the awards

FinancesOnline awards its Great User Experience certificate for the best online inventory management systems to quality solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience for facilitating one’s work process. This means Boxstorm is an ideal choice not just for professionals, but also for businesses graduating from spreadsheet-based process, as it pleasantly eases in users to easily handle their daily operations. Meanwhile, the Rising Star award indicates that Boxstorm users believe it is the perfect choice for managing their inventory. The Rising Star is granted to the top inventory management software solutions that have gained positive traction with clients and are seen as a reliable tool for solving the problems they face today.

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