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ios inventory apps

What is an iOS inventory app and what distinguishes it from other types of inventory apps? The main distinction is that it is only available on Apple devices. Other than that, it will most likely have a lot in common with other similar apps on Android devices, for example. If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you want to be able to track your inventory on your mobile device, you will definitely find an iOS inventory app to be an indispensable tool in that endeavor. Let’s dig deeper into this topic in order to reveal why you might just benefit by getting this type of app. We will also identify many of the features you will find when you do begin to use it.

Why Should You Get an iOS Inventory App?

There are several reasons you may want to get this type of inventory app. First of all, there is the practicality of the thing. As mentioned before, you are most likely currently using an iPad or iPhone, and if you get an iOS inventory app then you do not have to switch devices. You can just keep using exactly what you have been using hardware-wise, and you will not necessarily have to spend money on new equipment. Also, using an app on your smartphone or tablet puts a great deal of data about your warehouse(s), inventory items, quantities, and more in the palm of your hand. You do not have to hunt far and wide for inventory tracking information or be stuck in an office on a desktop computer. You can quickly find exactly what you need, and you can do it from any location where you have an Internet connection. That’s the beauty of mobile technology.

This kind of flexibility, speed, and accuracy is something that business leaders have dreamed about for decades, and it is only in the past few years that it has finally become a reality. In fact, there is a certain iOS inventory app that is readily available to any business (big or small), and it offers a lot of features that you will find helpful in your company. It is called Boxstorm.

ios inventory apps

Boxstorm’s iOS Inventory App

Boxstorm offers an inventory app that is available for download in the App Store for iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. It is free to download, and it gives you a lot of useful tools to augment your main Boxstorm account, which is available as an online inventory management solution.

It allows you to perform the following functions with your inventory items:

Create items to be able to differentiate between them in the system and track their quantities in stock. This is the most basic function of any inventory management solution, so it makes sense that this is where we would start when it comes to using Boxstorm.

Add to inventory quantities in the system to replenish stocks and keep your numbers accurate. Your inventory numbers will most likely not remain stagnant for long, but will always be on the move. As you receive new items into your warehouse, you will need to adjust your inventory quantities with this feature.

Remove items to make their quantities fall when you make a sale or for any other reason, such as damage or theft. Sales are a good reason to remove items from your inventory records because you get to add corresponding revenue while theft is not terribly fun because it requires you to take a loss for your trouble.

Move items from one location to another inside the warehouse or between multiple warehouses. Most warehouses have a variety of areas within them that have inventory move in and out of them regularly. If you have more than one warehouse where you store inventory, you will also find this feature helpful.

Cycle count your inventory to make sure their quantities are correct and update them if they are not. You can perform cycle counts as often as you like, but hopefully as your inventory accuracy increases you will find them to be less and less necessary to do on too frequent a basis.

Track items by their expiration dates, lot numbers, revision numbers, and other criteria you create. Boxstorm’s two main inventory tracking formats are text and date, so you can do just about anything within those parameters to make them be whatever you need them to be.

Scan product barcodes to view all sorts of data on each item in your inventory, such as its name, description, SKU, UPC, URL, date last modified, location(s), and quantity by location. Boxstorm makes a great barcode scanner out of your Apple device.

Download the Boxstorm iOS app at no cost, and also sign up for a free account with Boxstorm Forever Free’s online inventory management solution to put it to work for you!



An iOS inventory app lets businesses use their existing iPhones and iPads to manage their inventory. Boxstorm offers just such an app, which allows you to:

  • Create items
  • Add inventory quantities
  • Remove items
  • Move inventory
  • Cycle count
  • Track by expiration date, lot number, batch number, and revision number
  • Scan in and out