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Free inventory software sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? After all, it can’t get any cheaper than that. Boxstorm® is an online inventory management solution that you can access on practically any device with an Internet connection. You can sign up for Boxstorm® Forever Free for free and start seeing how it works by just clicking the link above and filling out a quick form. The signup form simply asks for your first name, last name, email address, company name, phone number, and country. With Boxstorm® Forever Free, you will never have to pay a single penny for the use of its many inventory management features.

Once you sign up for an account with Boxstorm® Forever Free, you will quickly discover that “free” doesn’t just mean “without cost.” There are many other meanings of the word free that apply to Boxstorm® Forever Free in interesting and unique ways. We will cover some of these observations about Boxstorm’s features as we explore the meaning of free inventory software.

Free Inventory Software


Free inventory software offers you the freedom to take it wherever you go. Since Boxstorm® Forever Free is accessible via Web browser, you can easily open it from just about any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. There is nothing to download or update. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can open it right up.

Think about the freedom this affords you. Suddenly, you are not held back by the capabilities of certain devices or by the physical proximity to your warehouse to update inventory records and make other key changes to the system. It can be done anywhere. And inventory management doesn’t have to be limited to a few employees. Now you can give anyone in the company the freedom to receive inventory, place orders, cycle count items on the shelf, and much more.


Remember that scene in Father of the Bride (1991) when Diane Keaton tells Steve Martin that the church is free for their daughter’s wedding? A relieved Martin exclaims, “Finally something that’s free!” But Keaton corrects him when she says, “No, I meant it’s available.” Let’s think about Boxstorm® Forever Free in that light.

When we use “free” to mean “available,” we realize that free inventory software can signify a solution that is available to a variety of people in the organization and that it can show them what is happening to the inventory at all times. You can set up user rights so that only certain individuals will be able to access specific parts of the solution. Plus, you can see in real time exactly what inventory quantities are available to be picked to fulfill orders. Now that is a helpful feature.


Let’s consider the importance of antifreeze in an engine. The role of antifreeze is to reduce the temperature at which water will freeze and increase the temperature at which it will boil. This is important for engines operating in extremely cold and hot weather to be able to function properly by avoiding the extremes and maintaining the stability of the fluids inside them. This is similar to what free inventory software like Boxstorm does for an organization. Boxstorm® Forever Free allows businesses to reach perfect equilibrium between two extremes so that you can avoid both stockouts and overstocks. When items get too scarce, you will be notified that it is time to order more. And you will know how many to order to avoid running out and also to avoid having too many in stock and running the risk of their spoilage or obsolescence. This delicate balancing act is all part of Boxstorm’s antifreeze feature, which, ironically, frees your company from the dangers of an unbalanced inventory system.

Free inventory software frees you to do so much more than you could do without it. No longer do you have to feel like you are frozen in place, forced to enter numbers into a desktop computer or in a spreadsheet or even on a notepad. All of these options have disadvantages, such as not having the flexibility to move around and update inventory quantities at will. Another problem is having to enter everything manually into both your accounting and inventory records. And yet another problem is the potential for records to get accidentally lost or destroyed and they can’t be recovered or restored because there was only one copy of them. Free inventory software is the answer to these problems.


Boxstorm® Forever Free is a freewheeling inventory solution because it defies much of the conventional wisdom about inventory management. Free inventory software embraces new technology and refuses to be constrained by old fashioned ways of doing things. In other words, Boxstorm® Forever Free chooses to think outside the box. In the old system of inventory management, you would be expected to type inventory numbers and make changes to every one of your software solutions, from accounting to inventory management and more. But all of this double data entry and triple data entry and quadruple data entry only increases the chances of errors finding their way into the data. It is absolutely essential to eliminate double data entry by integrating solutions together so that when a change is made to one it also gets reflected in another.

That is why Boxstorm® Forever Free integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, a popular online accounting solution. In fact, it is the first no-cost online inventory management solution to integrate with QuickBooks Online. So, in Boxstorm® Forever Free, after you make a sale, create a purchase order to obtain more items, or receive a sales order from a customer, Boxstorm® Forever Free will send those changes directly to QuickBooks Online to be recorded in the general ledger and generate invoices or do other things, if necessary. What a novel way to avoid double data entry.


To reiterate what was said before, we will liken Boxstorm® Forever Free to a belfry. You can set up automatic reorder points to sound the bells from the belfry every time an item’s quantity reaches a low point and it becomes necessary to order more of it to avoid running out. You will receive texts and/or emails to remind you when it is time to reorder.

You can even check your inventory religiously with Boxstorm® Forever Free’s cycle counting feature. With Boxstorm available on virtually any device, your employees can easily walk through the warehouse on a regular basis and perform cycle counts to make sure everything is correctly counted.

Free Inventory Software

So if you are looking for free inventory software that has absolutely no cost, offers freedom, is readily available, frees up resources, is freewheeling, and acts as a belfry, Boxstorm® Forever Free is what you are looking for. Now that is freaking awesome!



Boxstorm Forever Free is an online inventory solution that costs nothing. Not only that, but it also offers:

  • Freedom to use it on any mobile device
  • Accessibility from virtually anywhere
  • Automated processes to replace manual ones
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Auto reorder points to stabilize inventory levels