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Accepting Payments from Customers in the Sales Order Module | Boxstorm


Boxstorm allows you to accept payments from customers through its Sales Order module. Boxstorm also integrates with Stripe to facilitate the payment process and QuickBooks Online to ensure all transactions are recorded properly in the general ledger.

Accepting Payments

Once you have created a sales order in Boxstorm, a tab marked “Payment” on the top right will become clickable. The sales order can be a price quote or an accepted sales order and the “Payment” option will be available in either case. Click on it and a new window will pop up. This window contains three main payment methods: Card, Cash, and Check

Let’s discuss each one of these payment methods in greater detail.

Card, Cash, and Check

The default payment method is Card, which can be used for both debit cards and credit cards. You will be asked for six key bits of information in order to process a payment with someone’s card:

Name on Card: This is fairly self-explanatory. It is the name of the individual on the face of the debit card or credit card who is responsible for making the payment with it.

Card Type: Select from a list of card types. All of the big names are available as options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

Last Four: The last four digits of the 16-digit card number, which will be used to identify it properly.

Expiration Month: The last month that the card can be used in, which is found on the card.

Expiration Year: The last year that the card can be used in, also found on the card.

Payment Amount: An essential part of the payment process is defining exactly how much money will be charged to the card. This payment amount should include all taxes and shipping and service charges, if applicable.

CASH is the simplest way to accept payment. All you have to do is fill in the payment amount. If it matches the amount due, you are done, but if it is higher than that amount, you will owe the customer some change.

The final payment method is via CHECK. In addition to the payment amount, you will also be asked to enter the check’s reference number for authentication purposes.

Printing Receipts

After you submit a payment in Boxstorm, you will be asked if you want to print a receipt. If you click “Yes,” the payment details will show up in a new tab. Make sure you enable popups in your browser in order to see it. Then you can print it from there. It is okay if you click “No” and change your mind later. You can simply click the “Payments” tab on the top left of the Sales Order module to see all of the payments you have received, including this one. Simply click the icon on the right side of the payment to print its receipt. The icon looks like a piece of paper with three horizontal lines on it. In addition, if you are integrated with QuickBooks Online, you will be able to export every payment you receive to the online accounting solution.

Stripe Integration

Boxstorm integrates with Stripe, an e-commerce solution. If you have a Stripe account connected to Boxstorm, it can save each customer’s payment information so you will not have to add it more than once, but it will be saved for future use. You can integrate Stripe and Boxstorm together by going to the Company module group and opening the Settings module. Click on the “Integrations” tab up top and you will see Stripe listed among them. Simply click the “Connect with Stripe” button and then follow the instructions to complete the integration.